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Cast Iron Sign

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HomArt’s new Cast Iron Signs are fun and utilitarian decorations that provide abundant opportunities for imparting information and displaying individual styles and messages, both humorous and strictly functional. From the numerals 0 through 9 to words (dogs, cats, beach, welcome, in, eat) to abbreviations (WC for water closet and No. for number) to symbols (arrows, thumbs up, ampersands), home decorators will delight in combining these ingenious communicators to suit their particular purposes, humors, and informational needs. Certainly perfect for indicating address information, these signs can also combine to point the way, make a statement, display preferences, provoke a smile, or, in the case of the compass, to provide directional bearings. For walls, doors, fences, gardens, patios, family rooms, entryways, and anywhere else the imaginative decorator can conceive, HomArt’s Cast Iron Signs vary in width but are all 3 inches high to ensure complete compatibility. Since they are hand-painted cast iron, lacquer should be applied before outdoor use to prevent rust.